About a lesson

Lesson Time



Morning 10:00 – 12:00
Registration time
8:45 –  9:40
Afternoon 13:30 – 15:30
Registration time
12:00 – 13:10

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Lesson Course

2018-2019 Lesson Fee    *In English
course 2hours 4hours
Private 1
1 person
15,000 yen(Including tax) 23,000 yen(Including tax)
Private 2
2 persons
19,000 yen(Including tax) 27,000 yen(Including tax)
Time of either the morning or afternoon . Time of both the morning and afternoon .
Additional persons join at cost of 4,000yen per person.



13,000 yen(Including tax)

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How about your level?

  • Level 1【 Introduction 】
    ◎ For first time or could slip sideways.
    ◎ You could travers sideslipping slid zigzag path a falling leaf.
    ≫learn the basics.
  • Level 2 【 Beginner 】
    ◎ Slide one side turn somehow or other.
    ◎ You could turn both directions on a gently slope.
    ≫learn controlling the snowboard.
  • Level 3 【 Smooth 】
    ◎ You could not turn on a intermediate slope.
    ◎ You could not turn on a steep slope smoothly.
    ≫learn linking skidded turns smoothly.
    ≫learn to bad condition slope and intermediate slope.



  1. When a course is no vacancy, it may refuse an application, even if there is registration time.
  2. Lift ticket is not included in the lesson fee.
    Please prepare the lift ticket.
  3. When one use is 8000 yen or more, payment is possible with a credit card.
    The card which can be used :s-visa / s-mc / s-amex / s-dc / s-jcb / s-nicos
  4. The reservation from the Internet is closed before the two-day day of choice.
  5. When canceling, a cancellation fee occurs.
    (In the case of the previous day: They are 50% of lesson fee. / In the case of that day: They are 100% of lesson fee.)

Reservation of a lesson   Reservation of the lesson